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Fire Rated Screen Work


Peak Offer a range of fire rated screens for integrity and insulation.

Life and death situations require products which have been tested to their limit, our fire rated screens have the certification and accreditation required to give peace of mind to architects, developers, fire officers and the occupants or visitors to any structure where our products have been installed.

The increased use of glazing in buildings, together with building code requirements in the fire-rated screen sector – which have seen rapid changes, have lead to the development of new types of fire glasses.

Generally any type of glass that can withstand the fire test and therefore resist passage of smoke, flames and hot gases is considered “fire resistant glass”. These glasses are then further categorized and rated according to special criteria. Typically the rating based on how long a particular type and size of glass will withstand fore.

Classifications range from 20 minutes up to 3 hours.

Ordinary flat glass cannot withstand extreme temperatures and breaks at around 200°c. Fire-resistant glass must be able to withstand 870°c for a selected period of time and remain in its frame.

The two most important factors in connection with the choice of fire-protection are: –

  • Type of protection (class E – and class EI)
  • Duration of protection (e.g. 15, 30 or 60 minutes)

Class E involves protection against smoke and flames while class EI also offers protection against fires spreading heat radiation.

Integrity is described as the ability of glass to contain the spread of flame and smoke and prevents collapse, holes and cracks or sustained flaming on the unexposed side for a set time.

Insulation blocks the passage of radiated heat and surface heat rise to an average of 140°c for a set time. In stairwells, computer rooms, evacuation routes in large office buildings, hospitals, shopping centres and other heat-sensitive areas, extremely high temperatures transferring through the glass can be just as devastating as the fire itself.

Primary Uses

All our fire rated products are etched stamped with the details of the type and rating a specific situation.


  • Restricts spread of flames, smoke and hot gases, maintains integrity when fractured or sprayed with water.
  • Proven real life performance.
  • Available in clear and textured versions.
  • In the event of a fire the appearance of the clear and wire versions remain unchanged, allowing sight of any potential fire hazard.
  • Cost effective fire resistant solution.
  • Tested in widest range of sizes and applications.

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